May 31, 2008

A Nice Saturday

Today was a nice day. I woke up late (getting out of bed about 9:15) and made eggs and bacon. I did alright. I cleaned up in the kitchen for a bit then went to school to do physics. At about 12:45 I headed home.

I recently got in touch with a friend from pre-school and had been able to schedule lunch with her (Tammy). Although I lost her address (it was erased), I remembered the name of the apartments. Knocking on a door I thought might be hers I found someone who had a directory to see where she lived. It was fun to see my friend from so long ago. Whatever familiarity was lost through the years was compensated for in the quality of food. Tammy had some good cinnamon bread made and also a good dough for pizza (it was wheat). So, we just needed a few things from the store. We biked to Smith's and got pepperonies and a few other toppings and whatever then rode home. She seemed to know what she was doing while we made the pizza and that was confirmed upon eating it. She's a neat and nice girl. I'll have to see if she wants to play frisbee or anything in the future.

This evening I went shopping with Eldon and Stephanie and Sophie. That was fun. Eldon and I have a new Navy Seal-level shopping exercise that we can show any who are interested. It involves standing on the front of the other's cart while pushing your own. While this may sound easy, you should try it. It is especially hard when the pusher stops you.

We're making progress at work, which is good. It will be fun to have Paula around next semester.

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Melissa said...

It sounds a lot more peaceful than my Sat ;) Patti has a blog now should check it out. You can link from our blog to it.