January 30, 2009

Taking a step back

So, this morning I took my statistics group test. We didn't seem to do very well on it. It is kind of annoying to not perform well. I took a quiz in thermodynamics and couldn't remember the equations I needed. So, I can't have done too well on that. So, that makes me not like "grades." So, I'm going to rebel against grades altogether and "show them" that I can master the materials with or without them. That's my plan. No more worries about grades--I'm just going to learn everything.

This semester has sure been a busy one. I've been working more hours and my classes are harder than last semester (not necessarily all more time consuming--but all more difficult). So, I like to get up and get to school early and not come home until I'm done at 9pm or 11pm or whatever, then I eat dinner. That way, at least when I'm home, I'm home and I'm done. I don't have to go back.

Last Wednesday night Paula and I went country swing dancing. It was pretty fun. Now, come to think of it, that's the closest thing to a date I've had this year. It was fun. Paula and I will have some new skills to show off if we go periodically.

Now, I've had a break and I'll get back to work.