July 24, 2009

I Asked Myself This Question (take 3)

This is a new version with trumpets (especially for Sara).


I Asked Myself This Question (take 2)

I couldn't get houndbites to work this morning, so I found a new server. This is a second version of the previous song posting. I'm a little better at guitar here and I'm tuned to 440 Hz now (or at least a lot closer than before).


July 18, 2009

How far is too far?

The age-old question: how far is too far? That's the question I was asking myself last night. When should I stop. Well, I've got photo evidence. Why don't you decide for yourself. Which stage should I have stopped at?

Stage 1: And she said he wasn't stupid

Stage 2: Cut of the sides, leave the top

Stage 3: Top down to a 7

Stage 4: Top down to a 6

Stage 5: Shower

Which stage do you think is cutest? Vote today!

I Asked Myself This Question

This song is still in its formative stages, but since I had a recording, I thought I'd throw it up. What's great about this song is its versatile application. Is it about a boy and his dog, his girl, or his frog? It's not really very clear, is it? Future editions of this song will include a trumpet line (of course) and better mastery of the guitar part--also perhaps a better voice if one is found.


July 05, 2009

Joseph Smith Manual for iPod Nano

Follow this link to access chapter 33 of the Joseph Smith manual which has page-by-page files are viewable on an iPod nano, if you don't have or want to take the book to church. Why page-by-page? The nano limits how long a note can be and a page isn't too long while a chapter is. So, it's convenient to divide it up by page.

Joseph Smith Manual - nano