September 17, 2008

What's new in the swing of things

School is swinging back and will be hitting hard especially as tests begin to stack up. So what's new this year? For one thing, I'm not probably doing quite as well in school. Also, I'm taking time to work, to have a little fun with Paula, Devin and roommates. I'm visiting Joe and Brittany a little more often, and making use of Joe's years of dating experience by receiving dating counseling from him and Brittany, and I'm getting seven hours of sleep each night. Well, it's back to homework!

September 07, 2008

Moving On

Well, it's a new semester and a new apartment, even a new ward. It has been fun to have Paula nearby. She's cooked me dinner a few times and I hope she's found me nearly as helpful as she is. The new ward seems relatively friendly although it seems very big after having been in a smaller summer ward in which it is easy to get to know and be friends with a majority of the ward.

For the dating update, yesterday night I went on a date with a girl who invited me to go see Prince Caspian. It was a double and the movie was very entertaining. I would readily recommend it to any who haven't yet seen it. She actually had paid for me in advance. They were $1 tickets. So that was very nice of her. I hope she enjoyed the movie as much as I did.

On my own initiative, I did go to the MTC in response to an email asking for help at the teaching center where missionaries teach outsiders like myself. That was yesterday. I was first paired with a nice kid Rob from Las Vegas. After the first phase when the missionaries "took us to church on a bus" we had ten minutes to wait for them to plan their lesson and come visit us. During that time, a nice girl named Brittany, from Washington, was added to the room and we got to know her. She is a music education major, which I think is actually longer than Chemical Engineering and is also working to save money. Perhaps that is why after I emailed her (using the BYU directory to get her email address) she said she was too busy to bike to the creamery with me or anything. But, I'll give it another shot in a week or so.

That's the update.