January 30, 2009

Taking a step back

So, this morning I took my statistics group test. We didn't seem to do very well on it. It is kind of annoying to not perform well. I took a quiz in thermodynamics and couldn't remember the equations I needed. So, I can't have done too well on that. So, that makes me not like "grades." So, I'm going to rebel against grades altogether and "show them" that I can master the materials with or without them. That's my plan. No more worries about grades--I'm just going to learn everything.

This semester has sure been a busy one. I've been working more hours and my classes are harder than last semester (not necessarily all more time consuming--but all more difficult). So, I like to get up and get to school early and not come home until I'm done at 9pm or 11pm or whatever, then I eat dinner. That way, at least when I'm home, I'm home and I'm done. I don't have to go back.

Last Wednesday night Paula and I went country swing dancing. It was pretty fun. Now, come to think of it, that's the closest thing to a date I've had this year. It was fun. Paula and I will have some new skills to show off if we go periodically.

Now, I've had a break and I'll get back to work.


Melissa said...

Dallan...I wish I was there to bring you a treat or something. It sounds a little overwhelming but I am sure you are doing just fine. I am looking forwad to seeing your new skills!!

EGP said...

Don't worry, any grade you've made, I can guarantee I've made something twice as low. Although you may not want my trajectory either. ;)

Devin said...

You're the man Dallan. It's amazing how you keep it up, yet you still find some time to hang out. Good luck with the "showing them", understanding the concepts is what really matters. And forget about that quiz. When you forget an equation, that doesn't mean you don't understand the material. (yet Im feeling the same about my calculus test yesterday).I'm sure you'll be better than me at statistics in no time, but feel free to ask for help, I'll try to help.

Patti said...

That country dancing is a fun thing to do. I also like to feel like I'm "done" with something. I'm glad you posted.