April 11, 2008

My Blog

This is my personal blog. This blog is focused on me and I figured I would have more to say about the past than the future, so, my life in Retrospect seemed to be a good foundation for the blog. Of course, the past is meaningless without a future--so the title isn't designed to limit my perspective to the past only. Hopefully this will be useful to family to know what I'm up to or to Devin and Chase when it's getting late and I'm not home yet--so that they don't worry.

Frisbee training with Joe and Eldon went well today. We not only practiced catching and throwing, but we worked on our sprinting long passes. We then had dinner, prepared by the women (specifically, Brittany held Sophie and Stephanie cooked). The food was very good and then I finished my laundry. I didn't do it last week because of conference, so it was good. I'd been wearing all of my socks for the second time this week. I smelled them each morning and they smelled alright. I guess if you only wear them one day in seven, they have time to deodorize and smell alright with each wearing. Two questions for grandma: In your childhood, were socks washed with each wearing or did you wash them less often? Or, is that even something important enough to remember 80 years later? Assignment for Paula, Mom, Dad, John or Melissa: Help grandma to post her first reply to a blog.

That's all for tonight. I now understand why some people use blogs instead of diaries. Ann Frank wrote "Dear Kitty"--addressing her entries to some real or imaginary cat named Kitty that would never read her diary. When writing a public entry, I can imagine that some family member or person will read my entry and so that gives me an audience that is more realistic than a Kitty. So, I hope from time to time you all have the chance to check in on me. This isn't to replace phone calls to me, or letters.


Melissa said...

Dallan, blogs are good for "journals" but you do have to be a little careful what you put in them. I knew someone who put in a very ungrateful post about the people around her. By the end of the day she had to delete it and most people didn't feel much like talking to her again. I even copied it and sent it to Jet because it was so dang funny/bad.

JTP said...

Dallan, we like to hear what you are doing and thinking. You're kind of the lesser known in the family (at least with the older ones..) Joe we get, Eldon we get, Dallan, well, you just never know what you'll get :)

Keep it coming. :)

Patti said...

I'm hoping Melissa will help me get a blog started this weekend. Thanks for paving the way, Dallan.