October 15, 2013

Hill vs. Wilson and Petty

Following suggestions to look at Taysom Hill versus other quarterbacks, I've compared Taysom Hill to two other notable quarterbacks: the best and the rival. Bryce Petty is currently the best college QB based on adjusted QBR. Travis Wilson just led the Utes to a victory against no. 5 ranked Stanford on Saturday. So how does Taysom stack up against them? We'll look at the same three stats from the last post plus the adjusted quarterback rating, which rates a QB's overall performance (passing, running, quality of defense, etc.). The other statistics focus entirely on his passing, for which he has been highly doubted. In fact, BYU's passing legacy has seemingly been in question because he was perceived to pass so poorly, but run so well. For the first three games he looks like, well, the quarterback of a team putting together a radically new offense. Cougar fans should feel encouraged about the direction the offense is going. All things considered, Hill has the potential to compete with the best.
Figure 1. Hill is dismal in the first  three games, but since then he's done as well or better than the competition.
Figure 2. Hill is producing yards from his passing games, especially in the last two games, where he and Wilson nearly match each other. Hill's stats here are quite erratic. 
Figure 3. Hill's passer rating is dismal in the first three games, but in the last two is better than Wilson's, while still trailing Petty, of Baylor.
Figure 4. As an overall quarterback, Hill trails Wilson and Petty in the first three games, but is very competitive in the last three.

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